1Password to Offer Passkey-Only, No-Password Logins

Sometime this summer, people signing up for the 1Password password manager won't need to remember one especially critical and complex alphanumeric string-the master password that service requires today. The Toronto company announced Thursday that it will instead invite customers to create and unlock an account with passkeys -complex and unique tokens generated on a biometrically secured device that only work in physical proximity to the computer hosting the login attempt. Apple, Google, and Microsoft jointly announced support for this open authentication standard last May, but a password manager offering passkeys as a primary authentication system is a major step forward.

M2 MacBook Pro at Low Power Matches Full-Power M1 Performance

When taking a look at the new M2 MacBook Pro, some users may be surprised to discover the many ways the device outperforms the M1 MacBook Pro. On the other hand, some users may also be surprised to learn the ways the new M2 MacBook Pro underperforms in certain areas over the M1 MacBook Pro. When it comes to performance, users typically want what works best for them, and it seems there may be some interesting decisions to make when choosing between the two devices. In a recent Max Tech video, a comparison is made between the 14-inch M1 MacBook Pro and the 14-inch M2 MacBook Pro, and some of the results are rather surprising.

The 6 Most Underwhelming iPhones of All Time

Apple has released many iPhone models since Steve Jobs unveiled the original iPhone in 2007. Naturally, with an extensive product line, there are bound to be some versions that don't quite hit the mark. Despite the loyal fanbase, a few versions of the iPhone were underwhelming to many consumers and swayed them from upgrading. Here, we'll cover the most underwhelming iPhones to date. 1. iPhone SE (2022): Ancient Design We'll start with the 3rd generation iPhone SE, which Apple released in Spring 2022.

iPhone 14 Pro Up to 21 Percent Faster Than Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in Performance Benchmarks: Report

iPhone 14 Pro - Apple's flagship smartphone launched in 2022 - is reportedly faster in both single core and multi core performance than the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, recent benchmarks of both phones have revealed. The Galaxy S23 Ultra is one of the most premium smartphones that is equipped with a custom version of Qualcomm's most powerful chipset, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. Meanwhile, the iPhone 14 Pro is powered by Apple's A16 Bionic SoC, which is the fastest chip on an iPhone today.

Super-slim new hub adds the ports a MacBook needs

Expand the port selection on your MacBook with a USB-C hub that clicks to the side of the notebook. Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac The Satechi Pro Hub Slim plugs directly into the side of a MacBook to greatly expand the range of ports available. It's sleek enough for Apple's latest notebooks, and adds minimal bulk. But there's still room for HDMI, a pair of full-size USB-A ports, memory card readers and more. I tested each of the features of the 7-in-2 hub to be sure it lives up Satechi's promises.

Apple MacBook Pro 14-inch (M2 Max) review: faster but hotter

'The M2 Max MacBook Pro runs hotter, but delivers better performance and battery life too.' Pros M2 Max boosts graphics Incredible XDR display Really impressive speakers Good 1080p webcam Battery life is even better Cons The 14-inch model is the Goldilocks MacBook Pro. For many, the 13-inch MacBook Pro isn't powerful enough. It only uses the M2 chip, meaning it's lacking in the graphics department. Meanwhile, the 16-inch MacBook Pro is quite powerful, but its size can be off-putting. The 14-inch MacBook Pro, however, sits in the middle as the most balanced option - at least on paper.

Everyone is going to want to buy an iPhone 15 Ultra this fall

We're still about seven months away from the unveiling of the iPhone 15, and if the rumors are to be believed, everyone will be talking about one thing: the iPhone 15 Ultra. Like the Apple Watch Ultra, the iPhone 15 Ultra is rumored to have the best of everything Apple has to offer in an iPhone. As an iPhone Pro Max replacement, it'll have a 6.7-inch display that's likely very similar to the iPhone 14 Pro Max, but everything else will be upgraded. Among the rumors we've heard about the iPhone 15 Ultra are: A titanium body: Apple has been rumored for years to be working on an iPhone that uses a different material than stainless steel or aluminum, and after the Apple Watch Ultra, smart money is on lightweight titanium finally making an appearance.

Best MacBook Pro protective cases

Best MacBook Pro cases for the latest 14 or 16-inch models Buying a MacBook Pro is not a small investment, so it makes sense to add a layer of protection to keep it scratch and dent-free until your next upgrade. Here is a roundup of the best MacBook Pro cases for the latest 14 or 16-inch models. A heavy-duty case helps to protect your MacBook if you regularly wield it through airport security, and a laser-cut design on a wood case adds artistic flair. Here is a list of MacBook Pro cases to consider whether you need some protection or a sprinkle of creative inspiration.

The M2 Pro MacBook Pro is a beast - but let's talk about its mediocre aspects, too

Can you hear it growling? The M2 Pro MacBook Pro, baring its sharp teeth, is a ravenous monster, devouring its current competition with jaw-dropping performance. After our lab tester put the new 14-inch, M2 Pro-outfitted MacBook Pro through a series of challenging tests, we were impressed with how the M2 Pro chip flexed its processing power, delivering a Geekbench 5.5 score that surpassed 15,000.In other words, the new MacBook Pro is currently the top dog among laptops, demolishing its rivals like a wrecking ball.

Maxed out MacBook Air & MacBook Pro

It isn't always worthwhile to max out specs on a MacBook Maxing out a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro can be pricey, but we've compared these high-end configurations with their respective base models to determine if it's worth the cost. Apple offers a wide variety of MacBooks priced from $999 to $6,499 that can meet nearly any computing need. The entire MacBook lineup has moved to the M2 processor line, so speccing these products out will depend mostly on RAM and processor CPU needs. Speccing out a Mac has become much less complicated in recent years thanks to Apple Silicon.


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