Matt Reeves' Batman Universe Can Finally Fulfill Gotham's Original Promise

The Batman is a massively successful film and widely considered to be one of the best comic book movies of all time. The Batman was so well received that it is even starting to develop its own universe, outside of James Gunn's DCU . One piece of this new universe if going to be a series focusing on the GCPD. This has been attempted before with Gotham , but it quickly left behind its core concept. The Batman universe has the perfect opportunity to fix Gotham's mistakes and create an in-depth look at GCPD's corruption and its fight to breakaway from its dark tradition of greed and corruption.

The first response from Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez after rumors of their separation

Binary response Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez on all the rumors that affected their relationship during the recent period regarding their separation, and the existence of severe crises between them, especially those shots at the last Grammy ceremony, whether when Affleck appeared to frown in a large way during Lopez's dance, after which he immediately issued a trend on Twitter with the name 'Save Ben.' In reference to his struggles in living with Lopez.

New World Order Will Headline New Season Of WWE Series

A&E has announced the centerpiece of its latest season of "Biography: WWE Legends," set to debut later this month. The "WWE on A&E" Twitter account announced Thursday that the New World Order (NWO) would headline its upcoming third season, via a video message narrated by "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. "NWO, now that was big time," Austin, a subject in the series' first season, said. "Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Hulk Hogan: one of the greatest factions in the history of sports entertainment. So buckle up, buttercup.

'Top Gun: Maverick,' 'Andor' Among Nominees for SAG's Stunt Ensemble Awards

The Screen Actors Guild has unveiled the Stunt Ensemble nominees for 2023's SAG Awards, which includes the teams behind Avatar: The Way of Water , The Batman , and Andor . The Stunt Ensemble Award celebrates all the stuntpeople who work hard to make breathtaking set pieces come to life on the silver screen. After a couple of years when cinemas were still suffering from the effects of the pandemic, 2022 was filled to the brink with huge blockbuster releases, each containing thrilling set pieces involving dozens of stuntpeople.

Spider-Man Live-Action Noir TV Series in the Works at Amazon

A Spider-Man Noir live-action series is in the works at Amazon, a rep for the streamer confirmed to TheWrap on Thursday. The series will be set in its own universe, with the trench-coated, film noir-inspired character as the lead role. The character was voiced by Nicolas Cage in the 2018 animated feature 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,' but this version will an 'older, grizzled superhero in 1930s New York City.' Milo Ventimiglia voiced the character in the Disney XD animated series 'Ultimate Spider-Man.

Air trailer brings Ben Affleck and Matt Damon together for the story of how Michael Jordan saved Nike

Amazon Studios' Air trailer depicts Matt Damon and Jason Bateman as the masterminds who saved the Nike in the Ben Affleck-directed film. Amazon Studios is thrilled to present the first trailer for Air , a new feature directed by Ben Affleck depicting how a Hail Mary marketing strategy on a rookie player helped rescue Nike from ruin and define generations of fashion and performance. The Air trailer takes us through a harrowing journey involving a down-and-out Nike shoe company and an unknown Michael Jordan, whose magic on the court elevated Nike from being on the verge of collapse to becoming a sneaker sensation worldwide.

Matt Damon, Ben Affleck Reteam in Nike Drama Air Trailer

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are teaming up once again to tell the story of maverick Nike executive Sonny Vaccaro and the creation of the iconic Air Jordan shoe brand. It's the first time Affleck has directed Damon, a longtime collaborator and friend on features like 'Good Will Hunting' and 'The Last Duel.' Starring as Vaccaro, Damon leads the film directed by Affleck (who also stars), featuring a script by Alex Convery. The new movie tells the true story of the partnership between Michael Jordan, a then-rookie with grand ambitions, and Nike's fledging basketball division.

Call the Midwife fans react to new cast member in series 12

Call the Midwife fans have praised a special new cast member who made their debut in Sunday night's episode. Judy Parfitt, who plays Sister Monica Joan, was joined by a four-legged addition to the cast named Paddy, who appeared as 'Nothing' the dog. Loading the player... In the latest episode, Sister Monica was feeling a little lonely and found herself sitting by herself in the gardens when the little dog came running up to her. Later on, she found the same dog waiting outside Nonnatus House. "Dogs are not sanctioned within," she said to Nothing.

Daniel Craig's Era Made 1 Major Character Vital For Bond 26

There are still a lot of questions regarding Bond 26, but Daniel Craig's James Bond era means that one character needs to play a massive role in the next series. Almost nothing is known about Bond 26 , with many details still up in the air such as who will actually play James Bond. However, Daniel Craig's era revolutionized one James Bond character, changing him from a side character to a member of the main cast, and Bond 26 can't survive if it doesn't bring him back. Daniel Craig's James Bond appeared in five movies throughout his run, with his 007 films creating a vast world that was much richer than any era before it.

Charlie Kaufman to Receive WGA West's 2023 Laurel Award for Screenwriting Achievement

Charlie Kaufman, who penned the Writers Guild Award and Academy Award-winning Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, will receive the Writers Guild of America West's 2023 Laurel Award for Screenwriting Achievement, the WGAW announced on Wednesday. This lifetime achievement award is presented to members who have 'advanced the literature of motion pictures and made outstanding contributions to the profession of the screenwriter.' The career of the writer, director, producer and author began in the early '90s with the cult classic sitcom Get a Life , and he spent time after that working in comedy and sketch TV before transitioning into film projects.


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